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The Girl with Emerald Eyes

Set in medieval Pisa, it tells the story of the extraordinary woman behind the most famous building in the world – the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

‘The Girl with Emerald Eyes' (previously 'Secrets of the Tower') was launched on 20th March 2015 and is available from Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and can be ordered from Waterstones.

Set in medieval Pisa, it tells the story of the extraordinary woman behind the most famous building in the world  - The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Here’s my publisher’s synopsis:

Two women, centuries apart, bound together by the secrets of one of the most iconic buildings ever created.

Pisa, 1999
Sam Campbell sits by her husband’s hospital bed. Far from home and her children, she must care for Michael who is recovering from a stroke. A man she loves deeply. A man who has been unfaithful to her. Alone and in need of distraction, Sam decides to pick up Michael’s research into the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Immersing herself in the ancient city, she begins to piece together the mystery behind the creation of the tower, and discovers the woman who history forgot…

Pisa, 1171 
Berta di Bernardo, the wife of a rich merchant, sits in her chamber, dressing for a dinner party. A gathering that will change the course of her life and a young master mason, Gerardo, forever. A strong, intelligent woman, Berta’s passion for architecture also draws her closer to Gerardo. As she embarks on a love affair, her maid Aurelia also becomes spellbound by the same man. Yet for Berta, her heart’s desire is to see the Tower built, and her determination knows no bounds…

A richly drawn and absorbing novel of passion and power, love and redemption that will captivate fans of Victoria Hislop, Tracy Chevalier and Kate Furnivall.


Here are a few reviews: 

‘A wonderfully written novel…definitely a book to add to your library. Not only was it highly informative, but immensely entertaining.’ Historical Novel Review 

‘An enchanting, engaging tale that I recommend to anyone interested in Italian history and architecture, or just a good novel.’ History and Other Thoughts 

‘Debbie manages to evoke the sights, sounds and smells as though you are standing right there. A truly lovely novel.’ Reading Room with a View 

‘The book is beautifully written and the Italian setting is perfectly drawn in both modern and historical settings, with sufficient detail to bring Pisa vividly to life, clearly by someone who loves it and knows it well…this is a wonderful story.’ Being Anne Reading 

‘Debbie had me completely transported back to 12th Century Pisa, and I loved every second of it. The drama, secrets, and scandal, the lust, the love, the heartbreak, I was mesmerized… This book is so soundly structured and beautifully written.’ Paris Baker’s Book Nook 

'The author has an incredible knack of bringing the characters to life. I could picture the landscape and the lives being led in 12th century Pisa – it felt like I was right there, experiencing everything. A beautiful story from an exceptional new author.' Renita D'Silva 

'Perfect historical fiction mixed with present day. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book. I gobbled it up over the afternoon and night. Definitely want to read this author again.' Nik Book Lover 

‘Very absorbing with realistic characters.’ That Thing She Reads

‘A wonderfully written novel … Historical Novel

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