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Daughters of the Silk Road

Daughters of the Silk Road was published in April 2016 and is available from Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and can be ordered from Waterstones.

She crossed over to the shelf where her father kept the dragon vase. He had placed it there when they first arrived in Venice. She took it down carefully, feeling it cool and comforting under her trembling fingers.’ 

Venice 1441: Maria and her brother Daniele arrive in the birthplace of their father, Niccolo dei Conti. An Italian merchant who has travelled far and wide, Niccolo has brought spices from India, lengths of silk and damask from the lands east of India and porcelain; a vase of pure white, its surface decorated with a cobalt blue dragon, the Chinese symbol of good fortune.  

Maria settles in her new home, watching the magnificent and bustling city come to life each morning from her bedroom window. But while her father is away travelling, she soon finds herself and Daniele in terrible danger. She must protect her brother at whatever cost, and she must guard the delicate vase. 

London 2015: Single mother Miranda is struggling to make ends meet and build a new life for her and daughter Georgie. When Miranda meets the charming but mysterious Charles, she is intrigued. Could he be her second chance at love? And why is he so fascinated by the old vase sitting on her hall table… 

A stunning and richly evocative story following the journey of a precious family treasure passed down from one generation to another. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Kate Morton. 


  • I Loved Debbie Rix's first book, and I love this one even more - Nikki

  • It deserves ten stars, twenty! Fabulous writing, immaculately researched - author, Renita d'Silva

  • Wow. Fantastic read. - Sue Wallace

  • The past is vividly brought back to life in great detail and in full colour - Relax and Read reviews

  • She takes a little known topic or just a brief period in history or even an object and uses it as the foundation for her story and then goes on to write an amazing book rich in detail and filled with characters you are rooting for – Emma

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