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The German Mother
Published 31st July 2023
Minki Sommer appears to have everything - a glamorous career in journalism, a close friendship with rising political star Joseph Goebbels, and a handsome, rich husband who is close to the seat of power. But when her daughter is born with an illness, she is forced to confront the Nazi Party's evil policies about eugenics. 

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The German Wife


Published on 13th January 2021

Germany 1939: Annaliese is a doctor's wife, living in an elegant grey stone house with ivy creeping over the balcony. But when her husband is ordered to work at the Dachau labour camp, her ordinary life is turned upside down by the horrors of war. And Annaliese finds herself in grave danger when she dares to fiight for love and freedom... '

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The Italian Girls
Published on 28th September 2020

The sun hung low in the sky, casting pink light all over the city. A faint breeze blew over the rooftops, as flocks of starlings swirled above her, swooping and diving in unison. It seemed unimaginable that, even now, German soldiers were marching along the streets below. It was time, she decided, for direct action. It was time to fight back.

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The Secret Letter

Published on 22nd July 2019
Germany, 1939. A tumbledown farmhouse, on the outskirts of a close-knit village in the heart of the rolling hills of Bavaria. A once happy family home torn apart by Nazi rule. And one young girl who refuses to give up on what she believes in…

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The Photograph

Published on 27th June 2018

'The Photograph' tells the story of two generations - Rachael a young Hungarian widow escaping from the 1956 uprising with a young child, and her grand-daughter Sophie who is struggling with infertility.  Finding a forgotten letter hidden in Rachael's old desk, Sophie begins to unravel her grandmother's secret past...

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La lettera dell'amore perduto

Published on 6th June 2019
The Photograph has been translated into Italian and published under the title: La Lettera dell'amore perduto - A letter from a lost love.   Published by Newton Compton, it's available from bookshops in Italy as well as from Amazon and other online retailers.  

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New cover The Silk Weaver's Wife 11 july

The Silk Weaver’s Wife

Published on 19th July 2017
The Silk Weaver’s Wife: A beautiful and captivating story of love, betrayal and courage.

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Daughters of the Silk Road

‘The untold story of the Venetian explorer Niccolo di Conti and a priceless Ming vase handed down to his descendants.’

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The Girl with Emerald Eyes

Set in medieval Pisa, it tells the story of the extraordinary woman behind the most famous building in the world – the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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