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Debbie was brought in by Marketing and Communications company Wave, to produce a series of customer- focused conferences.

February 2000 – Cannes: 3-day 3G event. Debbie created an ‘as live’ rolling TV show which proved hugely popular.   Rejecting a traditional ‘stand’ promoting Motorola’s phones and branded ‘apps’, she opted instead for studio-style science show, complete with presenters speaking to camera, interviews with app developers and satellite links to a roving reporter around the show.  Even the TV gallery was open to the public, enabling visitors to watch the whole process.

September 2001 -  Barcelona: 3G conference.   This 3-day show, presented by Heather Scott of Sky News,  featured a mixture of videos (produced and directed by Debbie), keynote speeches which Debbie drafted and coached, and ‘as live’ discussions with Senior Management.

September 2002 – Eastern Mediterranean – 6 day ‘floating’ customer conference. One hundred of Motorola’s top customers enjoyed a spectacular cruise from Venice to Greece. Over six days the team produced 3 shows a day of interviews, discussions and videos, mixed with high level entertainment each evening.

May 2003 – Berlin: 3-day customer conference.  This ‘as live’ rolling TV show was aimed at Motorola’s international customers.  With live inserts from around the conference centre, this was a four-camera set up, complete with TV presenter-lead interviews with senior management.      Debbie filmed a video interview with the charasmatic CEO of Motorola Mike Zavarovski in the US, only to bring him on ‘live’ when he made the snap decision to fly in for the show.


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