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On 20th May 2014 the 101st Chelsea Flower Show opened its doors. I had the honour of organising a garden for WellChild – the national charity for sick children. Here is our designer Olivia Kirk with a member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds - our sponsor.

Designed by gold-medal winning designer Olivia Kirk, this Fresh Garden consisted of an enclosed oasis, surrounded by a pictorial managed meadow – representing the care provided by the charity, and the on-going support offered by WellChild nurses to children in the community.  Five paths – symbolizing the fingers of a hand from the charity’s logo -  lead the visitor on a journey of exploration between raised beds, to a curved ‘sensory’ wall’, which hid functioning musical instruments, but also provided protection for the garden, and through which a bronze sculpture could be glimpsed. The garden won a well deserved silver gilt medal. After the show the garden was taken piece by piece to the Brook Primary school in London where it continues to provide pleasure for many children.


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